Signs You Need Roofing Repair Edmonton

Replacing a roof can be quite costly. However, if you do the necessary repairs, you might prolong the life of your roof for a while. Here are some of the signs that you need roofing repair Edmonton.

1. Missing, Cracked Or Curled Shingles – If you notice any of these signs on your shingles, you need to consider roofing repair Edmonton. A roofer will remove the damaged shingle and replace it with a new one. In most cases, there is no need to remove the entire roof because a simple patch will do the job.

2. Wet, Dirty Or Dark Shingles  The shingles on your roof are not supposed to trap any moisture. Therefore, if you notice any dirty, dark or wet shingles, it means some moisture has been trapped. Therefore, remove these affected shingles and replace them with new ones immediately before the damage spreads.

3. Granules In The Gutters. Have you noticed a lot of shingle granules in your gutters? Well, if you have asphalt or composite shingles, it is a sign that they have worn out and need to be repaired. These granules appear coarse like black sand, so you need to be on the watch out for them.

4. Is there any wear and tear in roof openings and other objects? You might notice some deterioration around the places where chimneys, vents, pipes or other roof objects penetrate the roof. The repairs can be done to these specific areas to avoid further deterioration.

5. Peeling Or Blistering Of Exterior Roof Paint. is your attic poorly ventilated? Well,. You might notice some moisture or humidity building up around the roof line. As a result, your roof paint might start blistering or peeling off. It is also an indication that your gutter system might have started failing.

6. Staining  Are the walls stained or discoloured? Have you noticed the same on your ceilings? Well, it is a sign that you need to repair the roof because the discoloration is caused by trapped moisture in the roof. Therefore, contact a roofer immediately and start looking for the areas that need to be repaired.

7. Are there sun rays coming through your home? If you can see streaks of sunlight coming through your roof there is a chance there is a hole or opening in your roof that needs repair. Therefore, contact a roofer immediately and begin the repairs.

Finally, if you are paying more money for your energy bills than previously, you need to inspect the roof thoroughly to make sure everything is intact.