Our International Services

We can offer a fully international service to our clients.

Whether you are looking for a holiday home, a second property abroad or you are planning on emigrating, we have got it covered.


Our international division specialises in all types of international property for vacations.

Whether it is a bijou apartment for one, on a budget, or a family sized home from home, we can help you find it.

Our agents know their areas of choice in depth. Most of them are either native to those countries and speak the local language. They have either lived there all their lives or spent a long time in those locations.


When we search for your home – or business – abroad we pair our agents up.

There will be the agent on the ground, here at home and another one in the location of your choice.

Together, our agents act as a dynamo to power your move abroad, whether it be in the Caribbean or even further afield.

Our agents know the local set up in the areas you are moving to very well. They know the best locations, close to the bars, restaurants and local amenities. They know all the best beaches, beauty spots and attractions – even the ones some way off the beaten track, which don’t make it into the tour guides.

In short, we know our areas and foreign climes well!


For those whose dreams lay with something a bit more permanent than a suntan, we can help locate your ideal home in the sun.

Our team are mainly native to the areas they work in and know all the ins and outs of the markets.

They also know what it is like to actually live in the country you are moving to and this lived experience is infinitely more valuable than just looking at a bunch of numbers on a screen.

If you need to know crucial local information, like where the best schools really are and how the public services and amenities really shape up, they are the people to ask.

They can advise with so much more than just your property transactions. They can assist with visas, documentation, health insurance and much more.

They will be your mentor, your guides, your confidantes and, we hope, your friends as you make your decision about where to move abroad.